Shure E2C vs SE215


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Dec 2, 2007
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Today I found a pair of Shure E2C IEM's that I bought years ago and forgot I had. They still sound pretty good actually despite being quite old and I'd be tempted to keep using them if it wasn't for the fact that you need to keep replacing the wax guards - really annoying feature of what is an otherwise really decent set.

Using them reminded me that Shure actually do make headphones (or certainly IEM's) that suit my taste and music so I began looking at the more up to date range and saw the SE215, and others. I had never considered them before until today I saw them plus the Phonak stuff which I don't know a lot about.

Just wondered if anyone had used the E2C and the SE215 to provide a comparison? If not then any comments on the 215 generally would be much appreciated.



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Feb 26, 2009
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I think the WHF review of the SE215 is absolutely spot on, so I won't say anymore on that front. I did notice they don't, it seems (maybe someone can correct me), have any wax guard/filter on them though. I know the SE535 do have a non-removable wax guard a little way down the nozzle, so why the SE215 doesn't, I don't understand. Whether it causes any problems long term, I don't know, but it seems wax and other things can easily fall down the long nozzle and build up near the drivers. Comply TX series tips with their wax guard are an expensive option. Just thought it might be relevant - perhaps persist with E2C without wax guard if they're still working and you like them?


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