Shimmering on my new plasma


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I've just bought a new Panasonic 42 inch pz70 1080 tv. The pciture is great with DVDs but I get a lot of shimmering when viewing my Sky content - less so with HD, more with SD content - is there a scaling competition going on between SKY, my amp (Arcam AV350) and the TV to create this shimmering? Help!? Paul


That's what happens when you buy a 1080p Full HD Screen and ten expect it to work wonders with Standard Definition TV which of course it isn't built for.......that's why it's a 1080p screen. Feed it anything other than HD and it dosen't like it as much .

Why on earth people buy full HD screens and then expect them to breathe life into SD is beyond me. Perhaps you should have settled for a HD ready TV 720 or 768 screen.

If you look back to the Panasonic TH42PX600 of last year that was a 1024 X 720 screen and was magnificient with both SD and HD. With 1920 X 1280 it's too much to ask a full HD screen to reproduce clean, noise free, SD pictures


A probably more helpful reply would be to check other forums and tweak your display settings, usually things can be improved with some fine tweaking, but i have to agree, SD pictures are always going to look not as good..


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