The new Samsung range


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Dec 16, 2019
well I looked at the prices and nearly had a shock $3500 for the 55 inch 8k model you must be joking |! that be around £3500 here in the UK when we see it. Yes great but at that price you want them to last ! not 3 years but a minimum of 5 years warranty ! having looked at a mates old 2018 Samsung curved TV 70 or 75 inch with the middle screen gone awol after 6 months from House of Fraser or John Lewis I was shocked ! yes they replaced it not with a curved bit of rubbish but still a 75 inch Tv for free. But he guy delivered it refused to pick up the old TV . So the owner sold it for £50 to my mate who re-built the TV with a new middle screen. Sorry to say build quality of these TVs is absolute rubbish (most are made in Korea or China or Taiwan ) Yes my Plasma TV (had three here in the last 6 months) okay much smaller screens ! 42/43/46 inches the oldest is 16 years old a Pioneer ( yes they was very expensive indeed well over £2k when new and the Panasonics between £700 and £1500 when new. It was around this time of 2010/12 that plasma was halved price just to get rid of them ! Compare say my 46inch Panasonic 2010 1080P and 2 x USB and Satellite tuner yes ten years old ! and works as well as any LCD I have ever had. So why are these Samsungs worth the money ? is it simply trying to out to out do your next neighbours 65 inch 8K with your own 75 inch 8k super something ? so why does this monstrous TV has to be on the wall ? what wrong with a normal 50 inch HISENSE 4K on a stand at a quarter of the price ? with a 3 year warranty . Sorry to say I am not impressed with my neighbours TV on his brick wall ! yes impressed on the price but the picture is okay but you have to watch it 20 ft away . What is the point of it. Hold on I get my binoculars ah yes he is watching EastEnders . My flat has only 14 ft wall and my bedroom a little smaller . By the way I have never paid more than £70 for a PLASMA. what will I be buying again ? maybe a KURO 50 inch . without doubt probably the best TV ever made love a 2012 model 9th / 10 th generation . Yes not cheap art all . new ones to available at around £600 but s/h ones around £250 yes a lot of money but worth seeing the Rolls Royce of all TVs ( new they without the full media package around £3500 ) that is extra


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