Feb 7, 2021
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Hello everyone. Yesterday I received the £250.00 Samsung HW-T550/XU 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X.

I tested it out with a few film scenes and tv shows and all seemed fine until we started watching some stuff on Prime and a Netflix. At certain points (usually when women speak or certain loud moments) the speaker distorts. The volume won’t be at a high level and there will be distortion and a slight hissing sound when that distortion occurs. It will only happen every once and again but after buying it I’m wondering is this a common occurrence for this price range of soundbar or could it be faulty?

I’ve tried messing with the settings and changing it from Surround to Smart to Gaming mode and nothing really changes. I’ve turned the treble down on the settings and the same. Bizarrely there are zero issues when playing video games or playing music through Bluetooth.
Can anyone help me with this issue please? Feeling a little exasperated.



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