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  1. S

    Question new TV with EArc or just the enhanced Arc cable

    I've switched from a Yamaha Av system to a JBL 9.1 soundbar on an oldish TV with HDMI2.0 which has ARC so my question is do I need a new TV with EArc or just the enhanced Arc cable to get Dolby Atmos, so confusing?
  2. T

    Question Looking for a Dolby Atmos Soundbar with 7.1 / 9.1 Speaker System. Budget around 500 euro.

    I have a 50" TV which is in a small living room. I had an Onkyo AV Receiver + 5.1 Speaker system (HT-S4505) earlier. But very difficult to manage as all the speakers were wired . Also the sound quality was not that good (boomy bass and bad dialogue clarity). So I am thinking about buying a good...
  3. ErikGdd

    Sound bar position in the living room

    My Tv is situated in the corner. Will I have a good sound effect if the soundbar is in the corner and not in the middle of the wall?
  4. S

    Question Lossless or Hi Resolution Audio using Apple Music from Android (Samasung Galaxy S20) or iPad Pro 2nd gen to Soundbar JBL 9.1

    So I have the following burning issue: My setup is the following: 1. Samsung Galaxy S20 with Apple Music capable of playing Hi-Res Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos music 2. Apple Multiport USB-C - Digital AV Adaptor muf82zm/a that I used to connect the phone via a certified HDMI cable to the...
  5. V

    Question I bought the mestune soundbar and I want to know how to make its remote control and TV remote control common

    I bought the mestune soundbar and I want to know how to make its remote control and TV remote control common
  6. Gregspencer

    Samsung soundbar issue

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I received the £250.00 Samsung HW-T550/XU 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X. I tested it out with a few film scenes and tv shows and all seemed fine until we started watching some stuff on Prime and a Netflix. At certain points (usually when women speak or...
  7. D

    Anywhere a TV wallmount with Sennheiser Ambeo (soundbar) brackets?

    Hi guys, anyone know where I could find / get my hands onto one ? tv's all from 49" to 65" google doesn't offer any direct suitables. open to good , not too much hastle ideas! Br.Dro
  8. Stu1970

    Question Which Small Soundbar to buy?

    Hi to everybody, I would appreciate everyone’s opinion or recommendations. I am looking for a small Soundbar for our Bedroom 4K TV (Panasonic 46” HW944). It will be mainly used for listening to TV programmes & Netflix/Prime shows via HDMI (ARC). It must also play Music via BT and connect with...
  9. A

    soundbar advice - inside cabinet

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and not expert in Audio, so i'm asking for your help. I want to upgrade my tv with a soundbar - which will be (unfortunately) inside a cabinet. I would have choose Q acoustics M4, but it seems like is no longer available for shipping to italy. The option I...