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  1. Chrisriga

    Question YAMAHA HS 7 Higher freq distortion

    Hey there, a month ago, I bought a pair of brand new HS7 speakers and have been loving them so far. However, recently, I noticed that when playing higher piano notes, the tweeter on one of the speakers distorts. This distortion occurs only when the volume is above 30%. The other speaker sounds...
  2. Gregspencer

    Samsung soundbar issue

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I received the £250.00 Samsung HW-T550/XU 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X. I tested it out with a few film scenes and tv shows and all seemed fine until we started watching some stuff on Prime and a Netflix. At certain points (usually when women speak or...
  3. R

    Beyer T90 headphone distortion

    I have a pair of T90's that I happened to notice some distortion in the left hear with low base content. I took them apart but didn't really see anything wrong anywhere. Any ideas of something else I can check? Thanks, Rut
  4. G

    Static sound on speakers Simaudio Moon I-3 and Dynaudio Emit M20

    Hello everyone! I need help regarding an issue I have, I'll try to summarize. I have tried my setup on every power outlet in my appartment even with no source plugged in and as soon as I plug the amplifier into the power(even if it's off) I hear a static sound on my speakers. What should I do...