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  1. D

    Samsung QE75Q95T Grey Uniformity

    I have a 75" Samsung Q95T, less than 1 year old which is showing poor grey uniformity including what looks like "laddering" artefacts on most of the left hand side of the screen. It is much worse to the naked eye and difficult to capture fully on camera. It is most visible on panning shots of...
  2. A

    Obtaining the elusive QN95A in the United States

    I was reading Tom's article about the new Samsung TV's here: I came across this quote: "Unlike most of the other Neo QLED models, the QN95A is not yet available for pre-order in the US and we suspect it never...
  3. Gregspencer

    Samsung soundbar issue

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I received the £250.00 Samsung HW-T550/XU 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X. I tested it out with a few film scenes and tv shows and all seemed fine until we started watching some stuff on Prime and a Netflix. At certain points (usually when women speak or...
  4. A

    Any experience with The Frame by Samsung

    Looking to purchase a bedroom tv and was looking at the the frame... wondering if anyone has one for the bedroom already, is it any good?
  5. B

    32" Gaming TV

    Hello, 1st off to be clear, the TV's and any suggestions must be 32". Im looking at Samsungs The Frame 2020 for PS4 for my son. Ive been reading about VRR and frame rates etc. Im aware The Frame doesnt have VRR on 32" however I dont have a bigger option. Can anyone suggest some great 32" TVs...
  6. tinaag

    Question TV Samsung QLed 4k Q7FN 55" which are the good head or earphones bluetooth to use?

    I have a Samsung Q7FN. I will need references for good Bluetooth earphones or headphones. I have a Level U but is falling into pieces, and soon will die. I bought online a AKG Y600NC but I rad some reviews from users saying it's not a good device. so in case this phone is really bad and if I...