Obtaining the elusive QN95A in the United States


Feb 13, 2021
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I was reading Tom's article about the new Samsung TV's here: https://www.whathifi.com/advice/samsung-2021-tv-lineup-everything-you-need-to-know

I came across this quote:
"Unlike most of the other Neo QLED models, the QN95A is not yet available for pre-order in the US and we suspect it never will be – its predecessor, the Q95T, was never sold in the US."​

I want OneConnect and 4K, and I'm in the US. 8K seems to be gimmicky, most my content is 4K and don’t want upscaling 4K->8K, I would rather just watch it natively on a 4K screen. I wanted the Q95T last year, but like the article mentioned Samsung restricted that model here as well, was waiting for this year thinking Samsung would open it up to our region.. so now I’m looking at slightly more drastic measures.

Let’s say I’m in the US, and am willing to fly to another country to purchase this QN95A and bring it back with me. If I get one from Europe, do I have to worry about NSTC/PAL? Like should I only go to counties with NSTC? And probably counties that match my power outlets here in the US.

I guess my question is there any technical limitations with buying a tv from another region and bringing it to the US?

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Idk this guy says 8K is garbage compared to 4K:

View: https://youtu.be/ANED683xcTU
4K on this TV looks superb. 8K just looks the same as 4K, but the TV itself is brilliant after living with it for a while I can say confidently it’s the best TV out. Problem with the 4K models is are they as good as the 8K model? According to specs, no.


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