Samsung or LG Full HD TV?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello all,

Does anybody know if the Samsung or LG new 32" LCD's are worth buying?

I have one of the old 720p LCD TV's (over 2 years old now) when they first came out, thats finally giving up the ghost for some strange reason, so i'm looking at upgrading to a new TV. Though I'm now at the stage where I use HD as much as SD.

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are? I'm after something that is Full HD (1080p) with 24fps, I own a PS3 so want to look at using this for the best possible HD type stuffs, games as well as movie. It does however need to be fairly good at SD sources as I have Sky+ for the forseable future (not yet upgraded to SkyHD).

I've got an LG Home Cinema System that does the SimpiLink technology, so I guess it would be nice to keep in the same brand? Or if LG really are a bit pants now for HD LCD's i'm quite happy to be a traitor and switch brand.

I've heard a lot about the Panasonic TX32LXD70, though also the new Samsungs, any good?

If I have to push the boat out on TV size and go for a larger one to get the best Full HD, a 37" would be the max as the seating position of my living room is only about 2.5-3m away.

Many thanks,




What do people think of the LG 37LF75? Or the Samsung LE37R87BDX? Do either of these natively handle 1080p/24 ?

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