Samsung LE40N87BD vs Panasonic TX-37LZD70 vs Sony KDL-40T3500U


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all,

I am hoping you can advise. I have spent lots of time looking into LCD TV's.
I have searched both on the forums, both good reviews mainly...

I spent an hour and a half in the shop on monday, looking at the
Samsung LE40N87BD & Panasonic TX-37LZD70 or Sony KDL-40T3500U....

In the shop I know the Panasonic has lower contrast ratio, but I found the colours much more realistic and easier on the eyes, plus the image looked amazing on the HD DVD playing, whereas the Samsung I found the colours a bit to in your face and not so real...?

Ok what I want to do with the TV's is PS3 1080p, Blue Ray DVD, I only have SD Sky, so will watch footie a lot, anyone else watch SD footie on the Panasonic? Is it good?

Any ideas on the Sony?

If I play Standard DVD's on the TV will this work well? Anyone?

Do they boath do 1080p in 24 fps, I have read they do. 100MHz picture system? I don't know what benefit this is or what it is?!

So please help me make the decision, it is mainly for gaming and blue ray DVD's on the PS3 with some footie?

I sit around 2 metres from the screen.

Thanks ever so!

Mark Podbery


im on here asking the same question but just between the samsung and the panasonic, plus im going for the best full hd lcd for a PS3 aswell.

All the reviews and response i have heard and read is pointing to the panasonic, one even said " the best small screen full hd lcd, money can buy, and it even looks as big as some 40" lcd's.

Im also concerned with the contrast ratio, but i think what you have done and compared both in store is the best decision.
(i havent got that far yet)
I cant find any reviews on the samsung as the N series is a new one and one not tested on any review site i can find, including what hi fi (my reply from one of the editors on here said the same, the le40m87b is good , but we haven't tested the N series, go with the panasonic and test them yourself in store if your not sure)

The only help i can offer, is that the samsung is on sale at john lewis for £799 and you get 5! yes 5! years free guarantee, plus free derlivery, i have just been looking myself for the panasonic and found that amazon are selling at £815 plus 5 years guarantee to £940, so depends on your budget.
Another thing i google searched was "contrast ratio's" a few reports i found stated that this is the most inaccurate statistic company's give, they found them in tests to be nowhere near what they say, so you going in and testing is the best thing you can do.
The last thing i read is that the panasonic deals with blur very very well, and the samsung...well hasnt been tested yet, unless you go in again. This is important to me aswell as im looking to see how good the football too.
The samsung has an extra hdmi socket too.
Im stuck too.

If your parting with such cash, think about guarantee and price, longevity etc......go with some reviews.

hopw some of this helps



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