Restek Fable - Need help towards diagnose/repair


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Feb 16, 2013

I have recently purchased an old Restek fable amplifier.
Sounds great, but it runs very hot and took of the top to have a look. This is what I found.
I would very much appreciate any help towards what is wrong.

Haven't used it since I saw this, because i'm afraid that that black thick liquid substance will short something out.

Hoping for some help

Regards Mick


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i'm not technical so i have no clue but these people may be able to help :-


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Looks to me like there were 3 stick-on spacers between PCB and transformer cover (there's a nut acting as a stand-off, but they were ensuring the solder side didn't touch the transformer cover).
Over time the heat of the transformer has melted them.
I wouldn't worry about it, just remove the nut / washer / cover and clean it.
Those black squares on the PCB won't cause further problems - peel them off if you can.

When you re-fit the PCB, use more nuts (or whatever it takes) to mount it a fair bit higher up that bolt - just ensure any spacer / nuts / washers touch only the insulation of the PCB.

Those 2 pygmy bulbs may only be15 watts each, but (if they're still working) they'll be adding to the heat build-up you've mentioned.
Again, nothing too concerning, they're part of the design, but I'd still be looking to fit LED equivalents to lower the overall temperature (and use 30x less mains power!).
Something like these, in warm white, with whatever cap the holders require:
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