Request help to place a 5.2.4 or 7.2.4 in 11 x 15 ft room


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Aug 28, 2015
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Hi all... I intend on installing a 5.2.4 or 7.2.4 ( if possible ) in a 11 x 15 ft room. 1) Since the door opens into the 11ft wall, along with a window in the center of this wall. So cramming a 65 inch TV into the remaining portion of the 11 feet wall, does not leave enough space for the floor standing front L&R speakers. 2) So, the TV and floor standing front speakers will be placed along the 15ft wall. 3) The sofa will be placed on the oppossite 15ft wall, backed up onto the wall. Please find attached 3D image of my proposed room, with dimensions. My queries are as under mentioned : 1) Since the viewing distance from the TV is less than 10 ft. Iam planning on installing the 4 in ceiling atmos speakers, directly above the front and surround speakers. So as to have some distance between the speakers for panning effects. Is this acceptable, as dolby wants the front speakers to be approx 45 degress ahead of my head, and the rears directly above me, as i cannot place them behind me. 2) I plan on using yamaha NS-IC800 as atmos speakers ( Same as Mr.Benedict ). Is it possible to direct the tweeter towards my couch, or is it fixed to fire directly downwards. 3) Since there will be 4 atmos speakers. Iam planning on placing the surrounds at ear level, approx 3 feet above the ground. Or will it be better to place them 1 or 2 feet above my ear level, even if the atmos speakers are there. 4) Is there any way, i can sneak in 2 more speakers as surround backs in my setup, by altering the existing speaker configuration. Or considering the size of room ( 11x15 ft ) is it better to stick with a 5.2.4 setup. 5) The surround speakers I have are the Qacoustics Q7000Lri from their Q7000i package. So, I can mount them on the wall, and rotate them to fire in any angle. 6) I already have the Q7070 sub from the Q7000i package, and i plan to add a SVS PB2000 as the 2nd sub woofer.So, the final configuration will be :
Amp - Marantz SR6011 ( plan to add a peachtree nova 150 or NAD C388 or Parasound Halo A23+P5 with HT bypass for music )
Front speakers - Qacoustics concept 40 + concept center
Surrounds - Qacoustics Q7000Lri
In ceiling atmos speakers - Yamaha NS-IC800
Sub woofers - SVS PB2000 + Qacoustics Q7070i Request to kindly advise if everything looks okay. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance for your time.

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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Is there a particular reason for wanting such a large sub in such a small room? Your room is about the same as mine, and my single SB2000 is ample. The PB is pretty big in comparison, something I personally wouldn't give floor space to.

To me, the system sound overly complicated, and quite a mix with regards to speakers.


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Jul 13, 2016
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No advice I'm afraid but very interesting to see what someone else is planning in this size of room - my living/av room is approx. 12' x 12'.

I have wondered and asked on other forums about the benefits of any to going from a 3.0 system to a 5.1 system but you are going even further than that.

Also interested to see that you have your rear speakers on the wall directly behind/above your listening postion as again that is where my rear speakers would have to go I cannot place them a distance behind my chairs which are up tight to the rear wall - some people have advised me to use a MA FX speakers on the rear wall.

Thanks again as this gives me more confidence to proceed to a 5.1 sysytem


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Aug 28, 2015
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The above is a bird's eye view of the floor plan. Please also note, that this will be my home for the rest of my life. So, I dont necessarily need to purchase anything that will be a overkill for my room, as i don't need to future proof myself.

1. The room opens into the dining / living room on one side. So, there is no wall opposing the entrance door.

2. The above is the plan of my new place. I presently live in a similar size house. My HT setup started with a Qacoustics Q7000i in my 11x17ft room. The amp is Marantz SR6011. It sounds good. No complaints there.

3. Later, I bought a pair of Qacoustics concept 40's for a seperate stereo setup with a bluesound powernode. And there is absolutely no place in my present home for proper placement of the speakers. And iam hence not doing them proper justice.

4. Since space is really at a premium even in my new house, my better half wants me to integrate the floor standers into the HT setup itself. She is not happy with speakers standing all over the place. So, iam now planning to use them as fronts for my HT setup. And the two Q7000Lri satellites which have been replaced by the concept 40's will just be lying around. So, was wondering if there was anyway of utilising them as back surround speakers. And iam yet to buy the concept centre speaker. This is how I ended up with an mish-mash of all Qacoustics's components.

5. Iam still undecided on the ceiling speakers. Since i will be visiting the US soon for a short trip, was planning on buying the yamaha's NS-IC800 there. However, I can also buy Qacoustics in ceiling speakers from their QI 65 & 80 series, at a pricey $450/- per pair at my place, if it is better to keep all the speakers from the same manufacturer. Please advise.

6. Read that the PB2000 was better for movies and the SB2000 better for music. I agree that either of them are a overkill for my limited room. Since i already have the Qacoustics 7070i sub, maybe the SVS PB1000 will be sufficient for me.

7. Getting 4 atmos speakers into the ceiling is the easy part. So will go with them. So, the only doubts that persist are as under mentioned :

A - Positioning of the atmos speakers. Can i get away by placing the atmos speakers directly above the front and surround speakers. Or should i place them overhead of my listening position, and 45 degrees ahead of my listening position as advised by Dolby.

B - Should i keep my surrounds at ear level, or above my ear level by 1 to 2 feet.

C- Should I use floorstanders in such a limited room. Or should i stick with the Q7000Lri satellites as fronts. In my present room of similar dimensions, when i use the Concept 40's as fronts, I can feel my ears getting pressurised. And on certain tracks it is getting uncomfortable. However, iam hoping that even with similar dimensions, they may sound acceptable in my new house.

D - Though I would love to have 2 subwoofers for more even bass distribution, if same will be a overkill for my room, then I can use just one subwoofer.

Beaker_07, Hi, you can easily have a good 5.1 system in a 12x12 ft room. You can even go for a atmos setup without taking up floor space. In my present setup in my present home, I have the surround speakers about a foot above my ear level, mounted on a cupboard behind my couch on the wall ( Almost like back surrounds ). And since the speakers are almost directly behind my head, i cant make out the rear sound field . In the new house as i will have place to mount them on the sides, was wondering if it's best to mount them at ear level or above ear level, as I will also be having atmos speakers.

On a seperate note, my daughter had her friends stay over for a movie night last friday, and they really enjoyed watching the ' Jungle book' on my simple HT setup of the Qacoustics Q7000i. It all felt so satisfying, that i want to do the absolute best i can in my 11x15ft room, with mid-priced components. Thanks for your advise and suggestions again.


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