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Rega RP1 or Pro-Ject Essential 2 ???????????


New member
Oct 26, 2013
Ok, I know this one has been done to death, but I just cannot make my mind up. Its a toss up between the Rega RP1 or Pro-Ject Essential 2.

have been mulling over the purchase of either of these turntables for quite a while. Only occassional use so don't want to spend mega bucks.

I was all set to get the Rega but there is a lot of talk about issues with QC and platter wobble so I am again in two minds...

Anyone care to throw in their two penny's worth??


New member
Nov 13, 2013
:) Great system there,axia, Orbe .....probably ,after listening on one of those and finding about the price one can get suddenly tired to build a TT section ....or can be more determinate , because he knows now how should sound a good one ? :grin:

For the OP : I don't know the Pro-Ject Essential 2 , but I can tell about the Rega P2 (one built after 2000 )or a Nad C555 or a Goldring GR 1.2 wich are all the same thing , I strongly advise you to get one of these preowned (probably cheaper than a brand new RP1), put a new belt on it , get the best cartridge that you afford and a decently good phono stage , and you're in the game !Pay attention at the rest of the system ,also .



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