Rega Planar 3 or 6

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Jul 21, 2021
it's a very good turntable, does he mention exactly what cartridge they would fit? It normally comes with a Concept cartridge
note that it does not have a removable headshell.
otherwise no issues except I don't believe it comes with any sort of dust cover
The cartridge is a Clearaudio Concept MM and the dust cover is supplied all for around £1100, unfortunately I only go on reviews so ,do you think it is worth the extra cost above the Project Debut Pro. Is it an upgrade on the Rega/Project turntables. This will probably be my last turntable purchase so don't want to get it wrong
I don't think you will go far wrong at that price and I know a t least one other forum member that would agree with me, it's a very competent package, especially if a cover is thrown in as well. A very nice example of German quality entry level turntable.
I would say it is certainly on a par with the Project and potentially better than the Rega, the cartridge is a good one also
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Sep 17, 2005
I'm 77, rayolight, and previously thought that upgrading was a waste of money, as I didn't think that I would hear a significant improvement, but a recent unexpected upgrade from a 2009 Naim Uniti to a Uniti Star proved me very wrong.
I can't hear much above 10 kHz, but I certainly can still hear midrange improvements,and better equipment offers more detail.
My system is Planar RP3/MP200/ Arkless - modded CA640P, Uniti Star, and just got Grado 325x headphones, so you can certainly carry on for some time yet with your Michell.
Re your RP3, if you haven't already got a metal subplatter, it's a worthwhile upgrade, possibly include a Rega EBLT belt?
Enjoy your music.



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