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Question Recommendations for an Atmos receiver for PC audio?


Jul 17, 2020
Since Windows 10 supports Dolby Atmos, I'm wanting to make Atmos support my next PC audio upgrade. I'm not interested quite as much in sheer sound quality as I am in the 3D positional sound envelope of Atmos.

What I'd like to do is get a "bare-bones" (?) Dolby Atmos receiver. Since it's for PC, I don't think I need video capabilities, multiple input sources, internet radio, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc etc. Just something to take an audio signal from the PC and pipe it out to something like 7-9 speakers and a sub. Ideally the sound would come from the PC via optical cable (if possible?), since my GFX card's HDMI port is occupied by an Oculus Rift... although my motherboard's HDMI port is free if that would work as well.

I know there are all the usual "including the kitchen sink" receivers out there; I'm looking for something more stripped down to the essentials. Any recommendations?