Question Chromecast with Google TV Audio question


Sep 6, 2022
I watch pretty much all my content through this device. I have it plugged into one of the HDMI ports of my LG OLED. I then run the audio out via an ARC/HDMI port from the TV into my Onkyo RC-360 receiver. I have a 5.2 setup from there.

Here is my question. Inside the Chromecast there is an audio setting where I can choose the audio format from a list or choose auto. Currently I have it on Dolby Digital. The receiver has 7+ different sound modes. While the surround sound sounds good, I can't help but think it is not at its best. I'm concerned there is some loss in translation stuff going on. I'm not all that up to speed on all the settings. Some things sound better than others, meaning sometimes the center channel is not loud enough, sometimes its fine. Sometimes there is way too much bass, sometimes not enough.

I would think this setup is not unique (streaming stick into TV, ARC out to receiver).

Does anyone have any thoughts on how this should really be setup or what settings to use? Any particular sound mode the receiver should be on (should it be DD? That usually does not sound very good, always quieter). Should the stick be plugged into the receiver instead of using ARC? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
You should plug it straight into your AV receiver and let it decode audio. See if that helps. Your AVR is quite old and doesn't decode the latest audio codecs. But it should help overall sound.


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