2.0 Active speaker for PC, best choice considering prices below (euro)


Jul 14, 2023
Hello. So, after reading a few articles and doing some research, the a5+ (for 364) seem to be the go to set to get for my budget. However I'd like to ask people with more experience to look at what is within my budget below and tell me if there is anything better for the price. All prices are in euros and I am only willing to buy from EU shops, so I am not interested in any deals or prices outside of the EU.

Q Acoustics M20 384
Audioengine A5+ 364
Audioengine A5+ wireless 405
Audioengine HD3+ 303
Audioengine HD4 wireless 506
Klipsch R-41PM 364
Klipsch R-51PM 506
Edifier S3000PRO 506
Fiio SP3 354
PSB Speakers Alpha AM3 384
PSB Speakers Alpha AM5 465

They'd connect to a creative sound blaster Z which I'm going to move to my new system, as I don't expect the B650 Aorus Elite to have decent onboard audio. At least until I'd decide whether I want a new sound card.

Usage: Anything, gaming, music, movies. When I don't feel like wearing my headphones, as I've been wearing them too often lately. They will only be used for my PC, as I have something different for my TV.


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