re Monitor Audio Silver RS W12 sub and Nad c370 amp


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, the MA rs w12 sub is being offered new for £300 as its discontinued which makes me happy-lot of sub for me bucks, but i dont know if I can connect it to my nad c370. the hifi shop bloke couldnt find out how or where it would connect. can anyone advise.

also, could i run my b&W dm602 s3 and my MA silver 8i speakers together at same time thru me nad c370 amp at low volume or is that yet more crazy thinking on my part.


Hi Pedro

Yes, you can connect the RSW12 to the C370's pre outs. You can also connect both sets of speakers and ideally use them independently or even use both sets of speakers in the same room at the same time (however i would advise you not to do this though as there will be an inbalance in sound). If you are going to use both sets of speakers at the same time than please keep the volume level in check as (particularly) due to the different technical aspects of the speakers this could effect the stability of the C370.

All the best

Rick @ Musicraft


thank you very very much. exactly what I needed to know. Im all questiond out and I owe you several.

cheers again



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