Pure Spares?


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Aug 10, 2019

Having dropped my Evoke 2, the volume pot is broken. My local electronics engineer has verified this, but says he cannot locate any pure spares for love nor money - he has several other Pure radios backed up there with similar issues.

Does anyone know how to get Pure spares?

the record spot

Given the deals for Pure E-2s on the go just now, you'll likely get a new one for not much more than you'd pay someone to source and fit the part. Might be a "B" grade model, but should be working and with full guarantee. Hyperfi, Richer Sounds, Hi-Fi Confidential, et al, would be good places to start.

Sad to say, but in these days of 'plenty' (we're kidding ourselves IMO, but that's another debate...), it's often easier to replace a relatively low cost broken item with a whole new unit, than obtain the relevant part needed to fix it.

There is legislation in place now (I think) which means you can return your faulty radio to the original retailer who can get recycle it for you, or alternatively, there's your local council who can do the same.


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