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Sep 9, 2008
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Sorry about last post or the lack of it.

At present I have a Pioneer 50inch Pioneer Plazma TV and sit 3.2 metres away. This is ideal. Now I am thinking about a an HD projector 1080 and projector screen which would roll down in front of the wall mounted TV. This would be basically for watching films from my blu ray player.

1. What size of screen would be suitable? - I know that a projector screen can be larger than the plazma screem.

2. My ceiling is 3 metres high. If the screen was mounted on the ceiling would it extend far enough down to be 80 centimetres above the floor? ie. I need a screen with about 2.2 metres drop. I know the top part can be black which would be fine ( upper part which receives no projection )

3. My room is in a Victorian house - what is the best way of disguising the screen mount on the ceiling - can a box be build round it - I dont like these ugly plastic like case I see - a friend has one.

4. The actual projector - don't know too much yet except I would want HD. does it have to be suspended from the ceiling or can I have a shelf made for it to sit on? Suspended from the ceiling again is out of character with the room.

Any other advice much appreciated.

Many Thanks



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Oct 8, 2010
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Hi graham, I have a similar viewing distance and my projection screen is approx 1.8m width horizontal. my projector rests behind our heads on a black boxy ikea shelving unit (the holes are perfect height for lps btw). Cheap but perfect height and distance from screen. And the ceiling mount for my Sony would have cost £600 alone!

As I recall, projectors have a maximum amount of vertical adjustment possible, so if you have high ceiling then you might be forced to have a high screen if you want ceiling mount - not ideal.

Manuals for projectors are quite easy to find online, and they have all the lens/screen/viewing distance measurements in them - your local dealer should be able to help too. The shop I bought mine from even set it up in the demo room to match my measurements, just to be sure all would fit at home.

I can't mount my screen from ceiling, so I have a portable pull up Beamax screen that I set up when needed. ( To pencil marks for its feet on floor, so quick perfect alignment each time). hope this helps a bit.


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