Prices of blu-ray players on way up.


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Aug 10, 2019
reports coming in from usa ,4 weeks after toshiba pulled the plug on hddvd the average prices of blu-ray players have gone up,in january average price was $467 and in february it has risen to $604 any info on this available.if this is case the cost of winning the format war has been passed to the consumer,wonder if it will effect uk,the panasonic dmp bd30 was priced at £299 on avland uk now it is showing £350 which has happened over the last 2 weeks.nice coincidence.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
The Panasonic example is good old supply-and-demand in action: more people want the player than stocks currently exist. See also anything from Anya Hindmarch bags to limited-edition cars.

The US numbers reflect the changeover from heavily discounted end-of-line players from Pana, Samsung etc being sold off to fuel the format war to the next-gen Profile 1.1 players arriving on the market. It also reflects people feeling confident investing in pricier players like the Pioneer and Sharp, as compared to just the PS3, which pre the end of the format war was (and still is) the most sold BD player.

Really, I don't think there's a story here. You can now get absolutely storming performance from a £350 player like the Panasonic (which will soon fall back to £299 or even less once production is fully ramped up, which Pana were hardly going to do pre-Toshiba announcment), and even the £200 Samsung is a great buy, whereas six months ago you were looking at £425 for a PS3 and £1000 for the Pioneer.


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Jan 4, 2008
I'm a lucky one that's got the Panasonic BD30 for £250!! The joys of having a partner that works for Panasonic! Delivery in 2 days too!! But Claire is (of course!) right... as soon as production is upped by Panasonic and supply goes back up, it'll be knocked down to the £250 mark before you can say 'summer's here'!


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