Question What does the future hold for 4k blu ray players?


New member
Oct 31, 2020
Hey, I’m currently in the market for a high end 4k Blu ray player. I have my eye on the Panasonic UB9000. However it’s now getting on for 2 years old & also there really isn’t a great deal of choice at the top end of the market or middle or bottom to be fair. Just wondered if anybody knew wether Panasonic or any of the other manufacturers still producing 4k players were due to be releasing any new models anytime soon?
I find it weird that 4k is only really just becoming accessible for the masses yet 4k players already seem to have peaked if that’s what you can call it. Samsung have pulled the plug on them. Oppo too. The future for them seems very uncertain but seeing as I have a vast blu ray collection & have bought some of my all time faves on 4k disc I want to get a machine that will draw the best out of them all but am reluctant to spend the best part of £1k on one if there is the possibility of something new & improved on the horizon. Any info would be greatly appreciated.