Post xmas itch.


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm getting a rather serious upgrade itch to replace / update my current amplifier / cd combination. I have MF A3cr pre & power units at the moment and i'm looking to stay with the brand in the form of the A5 range. I wanted to ask if i would hear an improvement replacing the amps with the A5 integrated or would it be a wiser decision sticking with seperate pre / power units. Would there be a big sonic improvement changing the cd to the A5 or just subtle (also keeping the wife happy aesthetically). Thanks


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Jul 28, 2007
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I have to say that MF is my special subject :)

I heard just about every MF components and not many that offended me. I have to say that Antony Michaelson can be annoying because every MF products is the best ever made according to the "Fast car lover" company founder.

A5 intergrated amp is a leap year better than your A3cr combo but I wouldn't wasted another grand on the pre/power, The single box sound just as good imo.

As for cd player I am a big fan of CD 308cr....I still reckon it is the best cd player musical fidelity ever produced...A5 cdp may reveal more infomation and the the Nu-vista may be smoother but as an all rounder it's unbeatable imo. Another one that run it close is the X-ray V8, sublime.

or if you can afford it just keep your A3 and superCharge it with 550K supercharger....


Thanks for the input, unfortunately i am restricted for space with some rescently purchased furniture so that rules out the superchargers, i even looked at the KW250S, although that was quickly withdrawn for it being too wide.
Also there is the matter of MF's A5.5's as well, damn why did i have to pick up that magazine again?


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