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Sep 3, 2007
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Hi Folks,
been a while since I lurked around the forum, good to see a face I remember BigBoss. So why am I here. . . well like most advice! I'm not so clued up as when I last frequented.

I'm looking at setting up a HT properly now with the intention of still keeping it reasonable for Music, tall order I know especially since they are different beasts. Hearing is not as good as it used to be, nothing like getting on in years.

So I have my eye on the Monitor Audio Silver 200 AV and a Denon AVC X 6700 HT amp. Unfortunately not auditioned which goes against my advice of old. I'm looking to find out if there is any other options that I should consider regarding putting together the HT, this can include different setups to what I am considering
In the past I remember B&W PV1 subwoofer was one of the preferred changes, REL was another
I want to add Atmos in but I note there is nothing in the Silver range without going via the ceiling speakers, I can accommodate this but wondered if the MA bronze atmos speaker would fit in.

My signature includes info on where I'm at just now and thats based around a 10yr old Pioneer SC-LX81 AV amp. I replaced the bass units in the AE1's a few years back due to the usual foam disintegration around the aluminium cone, so they still sing reasonably well. I still have a pair of Audiolab 8000M monoblock amps and a pre-amp to match, they push about 100w IIRC. The Audiolab Pre amp has phono input's but can't remember if it does MM and MC.
Sadly my Meridian CD Transport passed away, although I still have the 8000 DAC that partnered it from Audiolab. Suggestions?

I will be looking to dig out my old record deck too which is a Systemdek IIS providing I can pick up a new drive belt and it powers up ok, otherwise I will be considering a Rega or Project turntable, up from entry level. I still have a Music Fidelity 'The Pre -Amp' which has both MM and MC inputs, presentation is smooth and slightly soft, laid back approach so if a replacement phono stage is going to be in the mix again any suggestions welcomed.

Room is W - 5m L - 4m with a chimney breast slightly off center to the room H - 2.5 m

look forward to any replies and thanks for reading


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