Pls. recommend some interconnects and speaker cables

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Well, I've finally worked my way through your veeery boring posting[/quote]

Okay, I love you too. Now read your own!

[quote user="drummerman"]which essentially is the same as Gwyndis reply. I KNOW why companies make top of range products and have no problems with that if engineering content and material value are there. Coming to think of it I dont have a problem if some idiot with more money than sense pays silly amounts for something he wants, each to their own. But I still fail to hear a convincing reply as to how a cartridge or cable can be worth thousands and I dont care if I coil has been hand wound. The 'law of diminishing return' is ALWAYS an issue when you move up through the ranks but my point is its better spent on something which really does make a big difference and has hard, physical properties that explain why it costs what it does. Look at some of the cartridges that cost 1k+. They are so roughly finished that you can see filing marks on their unsightly bodies. They look like a kid made it! Then they supply it in a nice wooden box to make up for ... Oh I get it, there is where all the work goes in to ...

There probably is no way at all in which a cartridge is worth thousands of pounds to most of us. But people who have it will spend it despite the law of diminishing returns, mostly because all of those things that you or I would spend the money on instead are not excluded by them doing so. It's pocket change. This isn't the same as saying "more money than sense", it's just saying that the value of money is related to how much of it you have.


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Jan 18, 2008
[quote user="jimwall"]it's just saying that the value of money is related to how much of it you have.[/quote]

Agree. Demand and supply, obviously. I still fail to see how they can justify charging these amounts.


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