Playing my Laptop Through the AC Reciever


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All,

I don't have Sky/Virgin at the moment but I am able to access my parents' SkyGo login so I can catch up with stuff online, mainly football. The laptop I have is ancient (Acer Aspire 5100), but does the job.

I want to run the laptop through my DENON 1909 avr via VGA to Component Video Cable. However, I know a 3 point Component (red/blue/green) cable doesn't carry sound. So I'm a little confused :quest:

If I'm right in thinking that I then need a 5 pin component cable (red/blue/green/white/red) with the extra audio carrying capacity?

Using the link below, where do you propose I plug the extra white and red? Is it the corresponding connections to Red/Blue/Green shown in the picture?? Let us say DVD for example?

Secondly, does VGA automatically carry sound? Or, is this dependant on the laptop?

Failing this, would I then be able to take a jack form the Headphone Socket on the laptop to the audio connections on the front of the Denon??

A few questions there to think about,

Very greatful if you can shed light on any.


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Oct 13, 2008
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you have three RGB input options (DVD, HDP and TV/CBL)

for your phono (white/red) you have 6 "in" options. One is labelled DVD, one is HDP and one is TV/CBL... I'd match 'em up and see what happens!


cheers, just waiting for the cable and I'll give it a whirl.


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