From bulbs to LEDs, how does the market choose


Jan 21, 2021
I'd like to share some of my views on the two main types of projectors on the market, starting from the principle to help choose one of the two. Welcome to discuss! ūüĎć

In recent years, a large number of home projectors have appeared on the market, and are mainly LED light sources, small in size and with their own operating system. But just four or five years ago, projectors were all the white boxes that hung from the ceiling in meeting rooms and classrooms. I think it's fair to say that it wasn't until the advent of LED projectors and the miniaturization of devices that home projectors really became a market. So, what are the differences between bulb projectors and LED projectors, and why did the home market ultimately choose LED projection as the main product line?

Projection technology:

Bulb projectors generally use 3-LCD technology. In simple terms, the light emitted by the bulb through three filter plates, is divided into three colors of red, green, and blue, and then through three LCD panels imaging, a colored picture is projected finally.

Home projectors with LED light sources use DLP technology. To put it simply, the light emitted by the LED passes through the color wheel and switches to red, green and blue light at a high speed. Then it is reflected and imaged on the DMD chip. Finally, the projected picture is temporarily retained by the vision of human eyes to form a color picture.

Pros and Cons:

The volume of 3-LCD technology is much larger than that of DLP, which determines that the 3-LCD machine cannot be miniaturized in principle. When a household product is too big, some consumers will not like it. The projectors using DLP technology can achieve a smaller volume, which should be an important factor to occupy the market. In addition to this, there are several other comparisons of pros and cons, which are listed below:

In fact, the advantages of the bulb projector are obvious, its light source brightness is higher, and the projection technology screen effect will be better compared to the LED light source projector, but at the same time, the problems cannot be ignored, such as the need to replace consumables, heat, noise problems and large volume.

At the same price, due to the cost limitation, the projector using the bulb as the light source is often not equipped with an internal operating system, which requires an external TV box or computer as the broadcasting source. As for the audio, it is difficult to meet the daily entertainment needs if you do not have external audio equipment. But the cost of LED imaging system is lower, so DLP projectors have higher space in other functions. It is inherently for home users, bringing the own operation system (like the built-in TV box) as well as some other smart functions (such as auto-focus, auto keystone correction), which reduce the costs of learning and using, and bring a balanced good experience.


If you want to choose a daily ‚Äėlight‚Äô entertainment projector, the first choice should be the DLP projector, due to its smaller size and better comprehensive functionality. If you want to build a professional home theater, and the budget is enough, you should consider using the LCD projectors. Although the initial cost will be much higher, the final picture effect will also be better.


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