Plasma Screen Burn with Sky+


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm looking to purchase a new HD TV soon and was seriously considering one of the Panasonic Plasma models (PX70 or PZ70 - which one is another thread altogether!).

My main concern is the screen burn/image retention issue. I have Sky+ (and will probably get Sky HD) but we make a lot of use of live pause in our house. My kids are always pausing it (whilst watching cartoons mostly) when they're summoned for tea etc. meaning it can stay paused for up to an hour at a time.

Will this be an issue for the TV if I go the plasma route? Are there any options (screensavers etc) that I can use on either the TV or the Sky box to avoid this? Educating the kids to not do it at all is probably not an option!


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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An hour on a single image shouldn't do any damage. Just follow the usual tips abou keeping brightness and contrast down for the first couple of hundred hours, and you should be fine.


I have a Hitachi PD5200 plasma and experienced screen burn from the channel logo in the top corner of the screen from the static Cbeebies logo (your a father, you'll understand).

It did take a considerable time for the static image to cause the residual image but the screen wipe function (displays a bright white screen for approx 1hr) did the trick after 2 attempts and cleared it copmpletely. Most channels seemed to have cotton'd on to this and now spin the logo or change them periodically it seems.

Mine is an older screen (3yrs) so technology may have moved on a bit.

What about turning the screen off but leaving the sky box on if you are pausing for a long peiod of time and you are worried?


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