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Feb 7, 2008
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So....I am getting an extension built so I can finally get a 50 incher in my house (that's not what I told the good lady !)

Currently, I have my Panasonic plasma clean mounted in my living room and all my AV equipment in a cupboard under the stairs. I am planning on mounting my new TV (which I will begin researching shortly) on a wall approximately 5 metres away in the new extension. Clearly, this gives me a great opportunity to wire up the new set going under floor prior to flooring going down.

My living room TV is currently controlled by the RF Sky Link 'magic eye', which works great. The PS3 isn't an issue as it's bluetooth.

What I plan now is this:

Running four HDMIs from my AV cupboard to the TV (Sky HD, PS3 and a couple of spares)

Running a cat 6 ethernet cable for smart capabilities (have fibre optic so I watch alot of on demand)

TV Point (aerial from roof for Freeview when someone is watching Sky in other room)

I plan splitting the PS3 and Sky HD signal with a quality splitter that won't result in any signal loss.

Beyond that, I want to know if a powermid can be used to control the Sky HD box from the extension whilst the magic eye is already in use i the living room? I can't see why not, but sometimes these things have strange nuances which are inexplicable!

I would like to split the signal three ways, but I don't want any loss of signal so I will probably give that a miss.

Can anybody answer my query re the powermid and I would also like to hear any suggestions regarding cable brands etc.

Any suggestions are welcome, I want to get this right!


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