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Aug 10, 2019
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I am thinking about buying this TV but, previously to seeing it I had decided upon the Philips 32PFL9632D because of the 100Hz refresh rate.

Does anyone have any experience with the differences in the overall performance of the two TVs and any preferences of one over the other.




If it is 37" you are after, have a read of the current lead review of the Panasonic TX-37LZD70. That, and the Panny TH-37PX70 would have to be included if I was out auditioning. Then you could consider refresh rates.


Thanks for the Panny suggestion. I have viewed various Pannys in the shops and I'm just not impressed with them compared with the 32 inch Philips that I have viewed. I have seen both brands with HD and SD material and for me the Philips is every bit as good if not better with HD stuff and just as capable and again maybe fractionally better with SD material.
I know there have been many reviews shouting the praises of the Panny 32LX70D and sister models but, much as I like Panasonic (I have one of their CRTs just now) I want a TV I feel comfortable with (as everyone does) and the 32PFL9632D does it for me and will match my DVD player. The only question I have is whether the 37 inch model I am curious about has 100Hz processing - which I doubt as the price overall appears lower or the same as the 32 inch model.

The picture detail I saw on the 32 inch model when viewing it in John Lewis was very captivating. I could have watched it all day. The Panasonic pictures looked, well... ordinary compared to it. This I couldn't understand with such good reviews.

Thanks for your input.


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