Help asap. Wharfdale evo 4.4 or Fyne Audio F501

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Jul 22, 2023
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I know you've updated with your purchase, but just for the sake of others reading in future, passive radiators are functionally the same as ports. It's about 'tuning' the box, that's all, no real need to be put off by them.
Please see the original post thread starter.

"My preference is after many yrs of experience are they must have/be
• Around 450-1200
• 6 inch (drivers) or above"

Although I fully understand what they are and do, I am put off by them "personally"

I did not go past "ruling them out for my own reasons" which in turn does not effect anyone else, or lead anyone to think anything else.

I did not as inline with my original post go into my reasoning other than "my personal preference"
My aim was not to start debates and quickly build a shortlist.

Suffice to say I've had a pair of speakers in the past with the implementation of abr's and it wasn't for me.

I thought when viewing the speakers the abr's were functional drivers (apparently a common mistake) but being ever attentive found out they are not.

They were a very kind suggestion so I merely stated my personal reason for not pursuing that selection was because it was out of my given parameters I'd stated prior and not any other.

Nothing more nothing less but thank you.
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