PC gaming vs new consoles - please explain what I'm really missing out on!



I'm not a gamer in fact I'm useless ,I've only ever finished one game on normal settings but I like playing the big releases and seldom use my Microsoft live account because yet again I'm even worse at playing against real people than the computer A.I .

im a bit of an apple fanboy I love their stuff for what I need them for.i have the imac i7 with all the accessories crap that goes with it but I don't game on this at all.

I'm in the lucky position to be able to get both the xbox one and ps4 this month which brings me to my point.

I have a few friends that are slagging the new consoles laughing at their specs compared to their current pcs .when the new consoles have games that push them to their full performance how much better are gamers pcs than the xbox one,ps4 and the imaci7?

i did a bit of research and I came across one of the best graphics cards it was £700-900 it was the nvidia gtx Titan ,now correct me if I'm wrong but most monitors don't do more than 60fps and are 1080p.so these cards that are able to play bio shock and skyrim etc at 100-138fps and put out 4k graphics isn't it a bit pointless if you can't afford a 4k monitor.

so you're average gamer who custom builds his pc and buys an average graphics card is he still light years ahead of my consoles and mac.

also my tv is state of the art aswell as being calibrated which also must add points to my defense? I mean battlefeild 4 on a 21inch monitor with graphics card upgrade or battlefeild 4 on ps4 at 900p on a 60inch panasonic zt65 :?


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