Partners for Pro-ac tablette ref 8 signatures?

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I think there is something to the sound that i prefer, as i always reach for the records rather than the cd unless i want a specific album, but i cant place what. Being that i've given away most of my cd doubles i cant a/b all that many discs.[quote user="tino001"]
I curently have Proac Refernce 8's ( not Signatures ) and I run them with a Naim Nait 5i..........i could not recommend this combination enough. And I agree fully with Thaiman - my Proacs sound best with a good toe-in. I don't think you can go wrong with Naim to be honest, and they are upgradable......
[/quote]what speaker cable are you using? also are you using the din cable that comes with it? I've been using Linn black interconnects but wonder if i should buy a decent din seeing as i now have the option.


Ok, so i finally opened the boxes last night (G/f wouldn't let me before).

Good news - it sounds great

Bad news - It doesn't fit on my rack properly and the CD player is dodgy. The disc tray scrapes when you push it in (and sometimes pull out) also it doesn't react when you press the numberic buttons to select the track - when its playing it ignores it. when its not it selects the track but pressing play it starts from the start!

Apparently i'll get a replacement no questions so i'm looking forward to a fully functioning great sounding system.


having posted here about how the g/f doesnt like the naim proac system were going in next saturday to listen to a moon i1 cd1 and i3, the new naim amp (between the nait and supernait) and Primare kit.

the g/f is taking an interest and we'll hopefully come out with a balance between the naim detail and nad liveliness. :)

hopefully wont loose too much on trade in. Already know she doesn't like arcam and i am not too impressed with Linn.


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Sep 9, 2007
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I do hope you get it sorted, i would be seriously peeved if that happened to me, you don't expect that with Naim gear but for every bad apple there's a good barrel or something like that. The moon is nice kit but have you thought about exposure, nice and simple with plenty of power still think you should have listened to a valve amp maybe the g/f would have liked the warm glow and it's great in the winter but i really hope you sort it out as the proac's are great little speakers.