Best Turntable for my needs?


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May 25, 2015
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I'm looking to buy a turntable to add to my system, ever since "lending" my last one to my brother which met an untimely demise before I could get it back! I've been reading all manner of forums, consumer reviews and store specs be honest, I feel like I've entered a rabbit warren and am now more lost than ever!

I've got a budget system at the minute consisting of a Cambridge Audio Azur 640a and Acoustic Solution DS1000 speakers and an Ariston cdx720 CD player - all a bit old and basic but they do the job. The amp has a built in pre-amp as far as I can see so no need to add one of those.

I'm looking for a turntable to add to this and, after reading all the reviews, was pretty set on the Project Debut SE3 or the Project Debut Carbon - until a bit more research showed that they have no speed switch and to add one would cost around another £100 from somewhere like here: A1 Sound - Pro-ject Speedbox S Turntable Speed Control. I've got a load of 7" I'd like to play so having a speed switch is a necessity. I was also looking at the TEAC TN-300 which does have a speed switch, but has far less reviews online - I'd guess that this was a worse turntable but the fact it offers the switch between 33/45 and looks nice for a similar pricepoint is tempting.

Can anybody give me any other choices to look at in a similar budget?


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Apr 9, 2015
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I'd have a looksie at the Pro-Ject RPM1 Carbon. I think they are wonderful value turntables. Changing between 33/45 is as difficult as

Yes, I did de-grease my finger first.....


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Dec 26, 2012
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The_Lhc said:
You can still change the speed on those Project TTs, you just have to lift the platter off and move the belt, it's not a huge issue.

Exactly this^^

I regularly swap between 33 and 45 on my Project Elemental, it's not an issue. I do agree however that all of this audiophile fully manual operation is really just an excuse to make them cheap and make more profit.