Pana TH37PX70 - Any DVD upscalers recommended?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm trying to find out if there are any good DVD upscalers that complement the TH37PX70?

Let me start here:

1. Is it worth getting a DVD upscaler for this Plasma?

2. If so, what would give the best picture, a 720p or 1080p upscaler?

3. Any good deals out there for a decent upscaler?

4. What cables are needed for best connection between the upscaler and tv?

Also, I'd like some info on Freeview tuners. We currently have a normal Freeview tuner with 160gb hdd. When I get my TH37PX70, do I rather start using the tv's built-in tuner, and use the existing box only for recording?

One last thing: Would it be worth buying an all-in-one machine that can upscale and has a harddrive, or do I keep hold of my current tuner with 160hdd and just buy a dedicated upscaler?

All comments would be much appreciated!


If you want an 'all in one' - the panasonic DMR-EX77 or 87 is good - I run an '87 into a TH-PX50 - the upscaled DVD pictures (to 1080p) are great, the freeview tuner picture is slightly better than the TV (which is very good), and it records - to DVD or HD. Alternatively keep yr current PVR and get a Sony PS3, which upscales DVD's to 1080p and can also play Blu-Ray. The PS3 is rumoured to be getting a 'tuner' add-on in the new year, which would then allow it to become a PVR in its own right , with DVD and upscaling......Connect either to the TV with a good HDMI cable.


JoshuaE, i totally agree with your suggestions having used the PS3 , since it keeps getting better with all the online updates its now a great upscaller, the tv built in scaling is fantastic and i own that fabulous set and picture quality is just great. Great suggestion on the PS3 tuner as well. Its seems all the PS3 basher might just eat there words next year and Home is yet to come.