Over researched to the point of confusion!


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Aug 10, 2019

If anyone can help me I'd be really really grateful. I want to buy a new TV but don't want to spend much more than £800. I've been researching LCD and Plasma screens for a couple of weeks now to the point where I'm just never going to be able to make a choice on my own!

I will only be using the TV to watch standard TV and play a bit of Nintendo Wii and maybe in the future XBOX 360. I also watch a lot of football so need that to look good. I don't watch too many movies but do argue with the missus when footy and eastenders are on so I would really like picture in picture as an option.

Having looked around I don't know if I need 100htz 1080p for what I will be doing or can I settle for less?

Size wise I would like something around the 37" mark. I don't really want to drop down to 32" but will go up to 40" 42".

The closest I have come to getting what I want is the Samsung LE37M87BDX. Would that seem like a good choice given my requirements.

Any help appreciated.

Oh also, if there is a recent issue of what hi-fi that reviewed 37" sets that I can back order that would be good!


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
Yes, we tested 37in models in the August 2007 issue. Our Back Issues people on 08456 777813 should be able to supply you with a copy.


I'm going to sound like a Sony sales person but hey... have a look at the Sony 40D3000.

The TV is well suited to a standard definition input and has a 100Hz mode which will be great for watching football. It also has 3 HMDI inputs so it'll be able to handle your xbox 360 along with any other future upgrades. Video games will look great on it.

If you upscale a standard definition signal to 1080P it'll look *really* bad - remember - rubbish in, rubbish out!

You can pick up the LE37M87BDX for around £600. The 40D3000 can be found for around £800. Depends on whether you think the £200 is worth it to be honest as the Samsung is a good TV - but the 40D3000 is better suited towards your requirements.


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