Oriveti OH500s


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Jul 31, 2014
Whilst I'm on here, I thought I'd give a shout out/thumbs up to Oriveti's OH500s. Took a punt on a pair recently and I have to say they are absolutely stunning. I've never had such an expansive soundstage with IEMs before. I prefer IEMs to on ears as I like the isolation and I don't like warm ears or just the whole feel of on ears. I already have a pair of Audeze LCDi3s which are amazing with iphone. I wanted a dedicated pair of IEMs for use with my Fiio M11 which I use with a Chord Mojo or Ifi Hip DAC (whichever takes my fancy). I'd say the OH500s beat the LDCi3s for soundstage although the I3s do have a bit more drive/pep. With the OH500s you can pick out all the different strands, all of which have a place on the stage and they never get muddled or messy - Radiohead's Little by Little on King of Limbs LP is a top track for testing this. On top of their performance, the OH500s also fit like a glove, have a fantastic opaque brown gloss finish and the chord is a think of beauty.



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