NowTV or FreeSAT??


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Jan 31, 2015
Am looking at cancelling my sky account as pay a small fortune for it. They have offered good deals to stay with them but i don't want to so am looking into alternatives.

Currently am looking at Virgin for 50Mb fibre and phone line package. Was then thinking of getting freesat or nowTV. can anyone make and comments on these based on experience - would i perhaps need both to get a good mix of channels? Any reccommmendations for freesat boxes? thinking i could maybe start of with nowTV as so cheap to see how we get on and then possible get freesat later on?

Thank you so much for any help...getting far too confused by all the options!!


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May 24, 2009
You will pretty much get a Virgin TiVo box and television subscription for free if you go with one of the broadband, TV and telephone packages. Even the cheapest TV package will give you similar channels to Freesat.

You can always add a now TV box (or Google Chromecast) at a later date if Virgin isn't giving you what you need.


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Your Sky box will act as a Freesat box anyway, so there is no need to buy one. Normally Sky will tell you that when you cancel. Also, a few days after you give your 31 days notice, Sky will phone you with great offers, around the half-price mark if you negotiate hard.

Sky have the best TV whereas Virgin have the best broadband. It's your money, so ultimately only you can decide what is the better value.


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