Novafidelity n15d a affordable cd ripper/player, streamer


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Aug 10, 2021
I know most music streamers that can rip, play cd's and that can also stream music tend to be on the expensive side.....say hello to the Novafidelity n15d, aka Cocktail audio. can be had on eBay for just under £400...I use mine primerilly as a roon endpoint from my pc (in another room) I have a small hdd from a previous laptop which I have put into the n15d a while back, basically to get the latest firmware up to date. Recently just been mucking around with it and thought I'd try plugging in a external dvd/cd optical drive into one of its three usb sockets, loaded up and to my surprise I got the disc ripped onto the drive...brilliant...OK it's music neo app is not the best interface I've ever used for streaming tidal etc, but this little box is great vfm....heck even it's onboard dac is pretty decent, although I mostly use my njc dac via the n15d 's coaxial or optical outputs.


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