New Speaker Bliss with Nait XS


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Aug 20, 2008
After a year of persevering I finally decided that my Monitor Audio RX6 speakers weren't a match made in heaven with my Naim Nait XS. Great speakers for the money, but that metal tweeter was just too bright, and with some recordings harsh. No doubt they'd be very well suited with a less forward amp.

Picked up a pair of secondhand PMC GB1i's last night with some trepidation as there have been some comments on this forum saying the GB1i's are too bright with Naim amps. This was of particular concern as my listening room has wooden flooring and wooden blinds. I was pleased to find they're sounding great, open and detailed, but those high frequencies aren't straying into harshness where the RX6 did. Bass reproduction is suprisingly good, perhaps not quite as much on offer as the RX6's, but nevertheless filling my 4.8m x 4.6m room with no problems. I've got them about a metre clear of side walls, but tucked close to the rear wall and they work fine. The XS seems to have no issues driving them, quite high volume levels achieved at 9 o'clock. No arguments from me regarding PMC and Naim together!
Great stuff! I've always said that Monitor Audio Silver range and Naim just don't mix, for the reasons you gave. I love my RS6s but they sounded 'orrible with Naim amplification. Too in ya face.

Generally PMC are recognised as being a fabulous match with Naim... certainly the DBi1s I've heard with Nait 5i and XS. The only people who say that combo is too bright (probably) find an issue with most set-ups IMO.

Enjoy your bundles.


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