New Headphone Day - Rode NTH100


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Aug 6, 2023
I use some focusrite headphones for tracking/mixing guitars & keyboards, and dislike how harsh the sound is. Another problem is how uncomfortable they are to wear for any period of time,

I stumbled on some reviews saying the Rhode headphones were a dream to wear for hours. Currently selling for £70 at certain retailers so seemed worth a gamble. Turns out the sound is somewhat compressed & might not be the best to get tube guitar amp sounds dialled in, or for final mixing.

Plugged them into my hifi for fun. Turns out headphones & hifi is something worth exploring. Just finished Tonight’s the Night on cd, and it’s really satisfying. And the cable is long enough to reach the sofa 😊

Only expect these to get better after a few weeks of serious listening. Just ordered a 3.5mm adapter for the iPhone, feel these guys might get a lot more use than I thought. Au revoir Bose QC25 for travelling 👋🏻