New to high-end audio


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Oct 3, 2022

I've recently started to explore some higher-end audio. Getting to this point was a bit unexpected... I had the same setup for decades, now. A mid-90's Aiwa surround sound receiver with a pair of mid-90's Bose 301's hooked up. The CD player died 10+ years ago, and I never successfully replaced it (I do have 900 or so, and my car is old enough to have a CD player.)

This journey started during the COVID lockdowns. I was looking for a CD player, and I was also looking to learn how to record music at home.

Buying a CD player didn't make much sense... the $200 unit I tried wouldn't play CDs for some reason. Anything else was gonna cost me $400+.

The part about recording music hasn't taken off much... Work started back up, and we had a kid, so time is an issue. I did manage to buy some equipment, however. The PC speakers needed upgrading, so I bought some Edifier 1280's, which sounded surprisingly good for what they cost (best PC speakers I've owned.) The purchase that really got me to start exploring higher end stuff though would be the headphones: Audio Technica ATH-M50x. It was crazy that I was rediscovering music that I had been listening to for decades with these headphones. I understand they're kind of "entry level" for the high end stuff... but damn, these sound great to me! I was getting back into music in a way I did not expect.

This set me on a quest... I was going to find a CD player for home use, come hell or high water. After some extensive research, I ended up settling on a Denon D-M41. Built in CD player, HiFi quality, and modern inputs so I can possibly get more enjoyment out of some of my movies/shows that I have on Blu Ray and DVD. This unit should arrive on Wednesday, October 5, and I'm stoked!