New AV Receiver to match my Monitor Audio Speakers


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Oct 1, 2013
Good morning everyone, first post in your forums :wave:

I am currently looking for a new AV Receiver here is my current set up:


Monitor Audio B4 (Fronts)

Monitor Audio BC (I think, for the center)

Monitor Audio BF (Bipolar Rear Speakers)

Mordaunt Short Sub

Current AVR

Denon 1906


Panasonic TX-P42X50B

I currently have a 720p screen but my aim is to upgrade to 1080p and 3D around Christmas.

I understand that HDMI will not offer any great benefits to audio after all it is a digital single the same as optical. What it will offer is DTS-HD etc. The devices I use to watch TV / Films / Games all use HDMI, now feels like a good time to upgrade / side grade.

I had a look in "What HIFI April 2013" and read a group review with Pioneer VSX-922 / Sony STR-DH820 / Yamaha RX-V373. Now this review was not necessarily fair as the Pioneer used to cost nearer £500. But this is the sort of smart buy I want to make. It can be had for £200 which again is a great bonus.

My only fear is that I will not be able to test this amp with my speakers. Basically I am relying on any of you guys to let me know if these 2 products could clash or if they are the perfect pair.


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Dec 10, 2012
As you're sadly devoid of replies so far, I'll share you my thoughts, albeit with a few caveats.

As you can see I have a Pioneer / Monitor Audio set-up. I'm extremely happy with it. Some on this forum do say they find this pairing a little bright. My own ears don't find this at all (perhaps because my previous stereo set-up was brighter still); I find it has a lush fullsome midrange, a dynamic and fast treble and a weighty thumpy bass. I wouldn't want it any warmer than it already is.

Others on this forum would more likely recommend a Yamaha pairing with MA speakers however as they tend to prefer an even warmer sound.

Okay, now for the caveats:

I believe the law of diminishing returns doesn't kick in for some time with AV receivers. With a typical stereo amp costing say £500, it would be hard to say that an amp costing £1000 was twice as good. Yes, you could tell the difference, which is why there are plenty of people willing to pay the extra, but the further you go up the food chain, the more you have to pay for continually smaller advances in sound quality.

Although this principle does eventually prove true with AV receivers, my personal feeling is that a £1000 AV receiver does actually sound twice as good as a typical £500 one. Much of this is to do with just how many features your typical AV receiver manages to cram in these days.

The reason I mention this, is I feel that there was a significant step-up between the Pioneer 922 and the 2022. So my point is I would rather have last year's £800 model at £500 than this year's £500 model.

By all means demo yourself and make up your own mind, but your speakers are good enough to deserve a decent amp driving them, otherwise there's little point in swapping in your current AVR.

mr malarky

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Apr 4, 2009
+1. Pioneer amps work fine with MA speakers (see signature), though worth demoing a Yamaha as well in case you prefer the sound (both are very good makes, but have a slightly different sound to them), and worth getting last years model at a discount to get a more capable model.


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