New 7.1 setup ?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've recently bought onkyo TXSR605 amp and am looking to buy a sub/satellite 5.1 speaker package i can match with my eltax symphony 5+ floorstanders i already have and wish to keep, A, because they sound great and B, because it would make sense for me to add on for the 7.1 surround thats now available for me with the new amp.

I've been looking at the Mordaunt Short Genie package as its had great reviews in the past and i've fallen in love with the styling but will this kind of satellite package be enough to fill my living room which is around 30'x15' ??

Speakers will have to be placed in far corners of room this is my concern for the package having enough grunt to fill the room.

Got around £5-600 to spend on a decent package, so any help would be much appreciated.


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i am sure that it would be best to get speakers that match the "voice" of your existing speakers so i would be looking at the eltax range of surround speakers to go with your fronts, the sub is a bit less important to match.

Also to note there are no 7.1 disc out there yet so going 6.1 could be better and us a center speaker for the rear?


I understand where your coming from, but aren't Eltax a little low on the ground at the moment for speaker packages ? especially any that may be worthy a listen ???

I am also aware that 7.1 encoded discs are rare at the moment, i am only upgrading my setup to 7.1 as i wish to keep my Eltaxs and bring in a sub. I'm quite happy to have the amp "falsify" the extra speakers until true 7.1 is available. The best option i believed was to buy a full speaker package so i got the best of all worlds. Rather then pay now for a 6.1 setup and then have to pay more money when 7.1 is more widely used.

I have not seen any reviews of Eltaxs speaker range for some while so any links to them would be handy. Also size is a factor i would like something with a touch of style rather than bulky boxes.


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