Question Advice on ceiling speakers for 5.1 setup and best buy recomendations?


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Jun 9, 2020
Hi guys,

Just bought a new house and completely renovating it.
For the TV room I've just bought a new Samsung 75" (QE75QN900B) and looking to setup a 5.1 setup in the room. I'm looking to go with ceiling speakers but the roof shape is a bit odd where one side of it is angled (see pic).
After a bit of research I've heard that in-ceiling speakers with angled tweeters should be ok for a room like this. Is that correct?
The TV will go on that back wall just above the fireplace and the sofa will be where the scaffolding is in the picture.
The other question I have is does anyone have any recommendations for a 5.1 set of speakers/receiver package?
thanks in advance!IMG_3129.jpg
Is it going to be a working fireplace? Make sure you specifically check warranty terms and conditions as several manufacturers warn that warranty may be void if TV is placed above fireplace.

Have you got any designs? Ceiling speakers with angled tweeters can work. Have you considered in-wall speakers? That will work better for your fronts and centre as they will create better effect of sound coming directly from where the picture is. The centre will obviously go above the TV. I have Monitor Audio W280-IDC for fronts and centre, W265 for rear and side surrounds and C265 for ceiling speakers. The IDC module is pivoting in the fronts and centre. The performance is absolutely fantastic.


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Jun 26, 2023
Just a suggestion have you thought of getting speakers from non-mainstream sources?

I`ve used Wilmslow Audio since the mid seventies and they have some fabulous drivers plus 50 years of experience which lends itself to very good advice.

Love your big room sudo911 - I only have a wee 3-bed terrace which I`m shoehorning a Panasonic 77" and a DIY - 23 cubic foot horn subwoofer - A BK Monolith is 3 cubic foot...eeeck! Plus 4 foot DIY 3-way dipoles.
I`d put a couple of pairs or even 1 pair of good 12" woofers in there and have infinite baffle bass which is incomparable - done right it doesn`t sound like hi-fi ; it sounds like real life.Even SVS say IB bass and DIY bass is the best in the World.
Dual concentrics or genuine full range speakers are great for walls and ceilings IMHO too.

I`m look at Monacor, Seas, Volt brands in Wilmslow audio which are superlative in my experience.You don`t get 3 cooling systems on one speaker unless it`s cutting edge World class.
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