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Aug 10, 2019
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Digital Source
Quad 99 CDP-2 player / Arcam CD73T (Quad is better and 2x more expensive although in its price range Arcam is class leader)

Krell KRC-3 (wow)

Power Amp
2 x Quad 909 (excellent, I am horizontally bi-amping my Neat speakers)

Neat Motive 3 floorstanding (Amazing speakers and match to Quads)

FM Tuner / Analog Source
Kenwood KT-5020 (one of the best FM tuners EVER)

Amazing sound, nothing more to say...

In the basement I have packed
2x Rotel RB 1050 power amps,
Rotel RC 1070 pre-amp.
These classic Rotel power amps are not bad at all, just don't have use for them, saving them for future home theater set up.

In my TV set up, I have
MAX DVD player (cheapo chinese built unit, zone free DVD player, not bad)
Quad 99 pre-amp,
Quad 306 power (2x50w current dumping),
Sharp Aquos LCD flat panel TV,
Monitor Audio Radius 90 bookshelf speakers
. This is very matched and good sounding mini combo.


Hi there,

These rotels you have gathering dust in the basement... I think to get them to work in a cinema system is going to lead you into a situation where you are bogged down with boxes of equipment everywhere. I take it you're single? Or have a VERY understanding partner... I used to have a Kenwood set up (I forget the model numbers but can get back to you on that) it was basically an AV control center with inputs for dvd ld video cd (pre amp) and a 5.1 ch power amp which is suprisingly heavy ( .1 being the line out for powered sub) I also still have the graphic equaliser but anyway, I ended up getting an all in one job with slim silver tower speakers (not very understanding partner putting looks over performance) I ended up selling the rest of the gear but wondered if you might be interested in swaping your rotels for it? I'd really like to get a 2 channel system together now she's gone... I can email you pictures if you're interested.

Kind regards