Old system, Exposure amps etc. would like to add streaming


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Apr 2, 2021
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Hello Boys & Girls,

I have an older system at home - Exposure 7 & 8 pre & power amps, a Rega Planet (mk 2) CD player, an AR EB-101 turntable and Ruark Talisman 2 floorstanding speakers.

I would like to drag the music playing capability, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.

One option would be to source an inexpensive streamer and plug that into the Exposure amp - job done.

Another would be to replace the Exposure amps with a streamer/amp combo, and perhaps even replace the Rega CD player by getting a streamer/amp combo with a CD player built in.

I'm not really interested in turning it into a massive AV system and connecting the TV.

It has to be said I spend 98% of my musical listening time in the study, via my PC which has a pair of Audioengine active speakers with built in DAC - and very good it sounds too.

Anyway - thoughts & suggestions about adding streaming playback to existing system please.

Cheers - Phil
Are you familiar with streaming by using your PC? Which service do you favour, if any? And how much are you budgeting?

Personally, I feel it would seem a shame to break up your rather nice Exposure system. So adding a streamer might be first choice. A new amp plus streamer at that level could be quite a bit more costly.


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This all depends on your budget, but it's hard to go wrong with the Bluesound Node if you don't wish to spend big bucks. It sounds great as it is but can also stretch further if you decide to add a separate DAC at a later date. The app/UI is excellent.

If you want something much further up the food chain, the Auralic streamers are superb.
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