MUSIC FIDELITY kW250S vs Linn Classik Which is Best???

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Hi, I have exactly the same problem, I will be contacting Linetone also, I bought mine in January, just haven't had time yet, it just started the other day this hum. The kw250s itself sounds fantastic, utterly effortless super high resolution far beyond any krell or levinson amps I've ever heard, so far better it makes me wonder why anyone would ever speak highly of either. I've had loads of MF gear in the past and krells and varoius others and have a pair of very upgraded Impulse H1's which show every detail of anything connected to them. A louspeaker that emarreses even some of the nest of today. but the power supply has sprung a buzz in my KW. Sounds like a component is not up to the spec or is operating under strain.hmmmm or should i say ZzzzzZZzzzbZzzzzZZZ


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Jul 28, 2007
I've had good listening experiance of both products, admittedly in very different listeing conditions. The Linn was used in a small office with a pair of Kans (on shelfs!!!) and the sound was excellant in a small listening environment and in my opinion is still a far better product than the Arcam Solo mainly because you can hook up an LK series power amplifier which will allow you to power a proper set of speakers in a larger room (In truth though I still found it rather underwhelming in a larger room). The MF was owned by a friend who ran it with a pair of Monitor audio's rs6's. (This was not a good combination despite the 250watts power available). I think the weak link was the Monitor Audios as when tested with an old(er) pair of Ruark speakers the sound was much better (or more to my taste). However for £1500 that is a real steal. All the money you save on interconnects buy a set of chord signature speaker cables (honestly don't mess about) and speakers (something decent (<£1500) like PMC, ATC, ART, Pro-ac) and I'm sure you will be delighted. However I'd still bet £100 you'll trade it in within a year or two for some proper two channel stereo equipment or some horrendous multi channel thing. Regards....oh and by the way the MF was tested. It was in what hifi ultimate guide a few years ago.


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Feb 20, 2007
I've been using a Linn Classik for a few years now and love it! It might be a bit too polite for rock music though.



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