mp3 between ps3 and onkyo 605....


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Aug 10, 2019
please help. i have all my mp3's backed up on an 1tb hard drive pluged into my ps3. but all of a sudden they no play!

the ps3 is hdmi into the onk and plays films and games perfect(sound). but mp3 has stopped working. plugged the ps3 into the tv using scart and sound works perfect(rubbish picture). plugged it back to onk still no sound.

anyhelp will be help thanks...


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Dec 28, 2007
Doesn't really make any sense. As far as I know, you can only output sound from the PS3 from one connection at a time, so unless you're changing the settings in between, there's no reason why films and games should work over HDMI but MP3s wouldn't. When you say you plugged into the TV using Scart, I assume you had to change the settings to redirect the audio over the AV Multi Out socket for that to work? If not, describe how you have everything set up.

You could also try copying one of the MP3s to the PS3's local hard disk and then playing it from there - might help narrow it down. If this doesn't help, can you go through the exact steps you make to play the MP3s and anything that happens on the screen as you do this - may help us see exactly what is going on.


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