Onkyo 605 and m cubes


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Mar 2, 2009
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Hi there WHat Hifies!!

SO I have myself the following set-up

42 inch panasonic plasma

Mission 5.1 M-Cubes

Onkyo 605


Amazon Fire tv

Virgin Media HD box


all three of these run by HDMI into the back of the Onkyo 605 (The Apple tv2 & the PS3 run into a 2 to 1 hdmi auto switcher) as the 605 only has 2 hdmi inputs :(

And the Virgin HD box runs audio via an optical cable into the ONK too (in fact is this required??? I used to have sky where you had to run audio separately, but maybe Virgin doesnt require this??)

Other than the ONK occasionally behaving like a muppet in regards to hdmi autoswitching (I.e. sometimes it refuses to switch from Apple TV2 to my Virgin box even when force selected, it just switches straight back to Apple TV2, though I think this is due to Apple TV2 constant 'always on' streaming and doesn't always happen, so I can kind of live with it)

My question is ' Shall I upgrade, or not bother????


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Jan 16, 2013
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Onkyo 605 is a bit long in the tooth, but I would recommend waiting until the whole HDCP2.2 thing shakes out, then look at upgrading. Look for 4K pass-through and THX as a minimum, Dolby Atmos as a nice to have (I think it's going to be a fad but what do I know) and full HDCP 2.2 compatibility.

I just got my stepsons a brand new Onkyo TX-SR444 with 4K and 3D pass-through, Atmos compatible, 5.1 surround sound for $250 US plus tax from Bestbuy (the main "high street" electronics chain here in the US), reduced on special from $500 plus tax.


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